Hi folks,

its time to write a little bit about a plan that I just started to think of during the last few weeks.

While trying to get fit for a “long” run (only 10km) I thought about the idea of train the running as far as possible and be able to loose some more weight and get more fit. As a “reward” for that I had the idea to say that I would try to run a half marathon dressed up in a zentai (at least with the hood down, since breating and seeing is way too important).

The only keypoints that I said to be required are:

  1. be able to run 10k meters in at most 50 minutes
  2. having at least 300-400km in the running history to be able to tell I can make it
  3. run a half marathon in less than 1:50h
  4. loose some more weight and from abdominal girth ;-)
  5. find the right material to sew a zentai that might help running (like microfiber fabric, that transports sweat away from the body

One of the good things when running with that suit would be a chance to do some advertising or just make fun out of it (lots of people at those running events just wear funny stuff to make fun).

As far as no. 2 is concerned, I am still missing some distance. The actual distance is:
cgwms running distance

so you can see its still a bit to go.

But if you have any idea for the fabric thing, just drop me a mail or write a comment. And if you feel you have to tell me something about the overall idea, feel free to comment too. I would be very happy to read from you!


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